Christina Ioannou

Christina has a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood (0-8 Years) and teaches the 3 year old Wallabies Group at Alice Johnson Preschool. She is passionate about early childhood, acknowledging it as a poignant period in children’s lives where they are developing key socio-emotional skills and foundations for lifelong learning.

Christina believes that learning should be fun and therefore works to incorporate the children’s interests into the curriculum in order to enhance their engagement. Play is viewed as an extremely valuable medium and a “mini stage” for the real world. Through play, children can explore and extend on a variety of concepts across a multitude of domains and engage in deep learning. Christina works hard to set up the kinder learning environment in a way that supports the children’s learning via play and fun.

Christina recognises that children need to feel secure and relaxed in their learning environment and therefore places great emphasis on developing strong relationships with children as well as supporting relationships between the children.

Leonie Higginbotham

Leonie holds a Certificate 3 in Early Education and Care and is Co-Educator of the Wallabies Group (3 Year Old) at Alice Johnson Pre School. Leonie has a keen interest in helping to create a warm and caring environment whilst promoting independence, curiosity and inclusiveness through play based learning. She works closely with Christina to build and support strong, respectful and positive relationships with the children and their families.